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Honda’s “Living With Robots” Short to debut at Sundance

Honda has a new documentary short film titled “Living With Robots” which will debut January 22nd 2010 at the Sundance Film Festival, followed by a 10 minute live demonstration of their humanoid robot, ASIMO.  This will be the sixth film in Honda’s excellent “Dream the Impossible” short film series.   The film ponders life with robots such as ASIMO, along with perspectives from science-fiction screenwriters, academics, philosophers, engineers and other thinkers.  Given the quality of the films, I’m excited to see this one, which should be available to view with the rest of the series online at Honda’s dedicated website.  If Honda has a new version of ASIMO to show off, this might be a good venue to do it in.

[source: VPO] via [Transbotica @ Twitter]