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• VisiON 4G

VisiON4G-HeadersmAs with the previous evolutions in Team Osaka’s VisiON humanoids, 2007’s update was given a clever name with multiple meanings. 4G can be taken as 4th generation or when taken as one word, forge (as in, forging ahead for victory!). In Japanese, the word for the number four is ‘shin’, so combined the name spells ‘Shinji’ (one translation of which is ”true ruler”).

VisiON 4G stands 44.5cm tall, weighs 3.2kg, and has 20 DOF. For the first time, Team Osaka has attached a secondary camera (on the robot’s right shoulder) to help with object detection. A larger brace has also been added to the robot’s back, which absorbs some of the impact from a fall and helps the robot get up a little quicker.

Though Team Osaka once again took home the Humanoid League cup in 2007, they actually lost the soccer match finals to rival Team Nimbro of Germany. They were able to make up some points in the ”teen size” league, with a larger robot, the Vstone 810. Photos and video after the break.

Team Osaka is made up of various organizations including companies and universities: Osaka City, Vstone Co. Ltd., Osaka University Intelligent Robotics Lab, Systec Akazawa, ROBO-GARAGE, and ATR Intelligent Robotics and Communications Lab.



Image credits:
Vstone | Impress Robot Watch | CNET Japan

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