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Robotic Mountaineer Inches its Way to Victory

Marko Wickrath, a student at the Technical University in Dortmund (Germany), a robocup soccer referee, and RoboGames competitor, has programmed the Bioloid robot kit to scale a wall.  The robot visually examines holding grips placed randomly on a pegboard and determines the best path to the top, which it memorizes.  For the time being the camera is separate and a person must place the robot at its chosen starting position, but eventually the task will be handled autonomously by the robot from start to finish.  I’ve seen hexapods climb wire meshes and some pretty funky stuff from the ROBO-ONE tournaments, but this is the first time I’ve seen a humanoid do anything like this (though I doubt it’ll be scaling the Grand Canyon anytime soon).

Video (Mirror):

[source: Dortmund Droids (DE)] via [Suicide Bots]