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Name the Robot Mascot for LG’s Air Conditioner

LG Electronics has created a robot mascot for their new line of Whisen air conditioners, which apparently have been around since the 1970s.  They’re holding a naming contest for the cute little guy (which wraps up February 2nd, 2010) as part of the marketing campaign.  If it were up to me, I would call him Whispy (leave your own suggestions in the comments). As odd as it may sound, this isn’t the first robot mascot for an air purifier (see Robo Pichon-kun).

LG has set a sales target of $10 billion USD for their line-up of air conditioners, which also feature dehumidification and air purification functions.  As part of their green image, they plan to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 28 million tons by 2013 and will bump up their use of eco-friendly refrigerants in the air conditioners from 10% to 55% by 2012.  A few photos and cg renders from various PR shots follow after the break.


[source: LG Whisen site (KR)] via [Paran (KR)]


Image credit:
LG Electronics | Yonhap News