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Honda’s “Living With Robots” Documentary Goes Live!

Honda’s documentary short film “Living With Robots”, from their Dream The Impossible series, not only debuted at Sun Dance today but can be streamed at their website.  Head on over to check it out, or view the YouTube version.


It’s fun, but one can’t expect too much from an 8 minute video.  This is barely even scratching the surface.  I’d like to see Honda put more resources into a full-length documentary that really exposes the history of their robotics development.  Toyota has been very open about their robotics program and their vision for the future – while Honda has been very quiet.  This too, could have been a real opportunity to go into some of that, but it doesn’t.  A bit disappointing, but some very nice glamor shots of ASIMO in there! A short video of ASIMO in action at Sundance is tucked after the break.

[source: Honda]


  • ixneedxaxlife

    i agree, i would love to see a full length documentary on Asimo and Honda’s robotics development.