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Robots do the Opposite of Humans when the Boss swings by

Kawada has recently posted some videos of their humanoid industrial manufacturing robot, NEXTAGE.  In the first video, we see the robots slow down and virtually stop working when they sense a human has entered the work area.  This is done for safety reasons through the use of a laser range finder.  When the human leaves, the robots resume their usual pace.

Video (Mirror):

In the 2nd video we get a nice close-up of NEXTAGE’s precision with a standard (generic) drill.  This precision allows the robot to pick up individual screws on the tip of the drill bit from the feeding machine and then drill the screws into pilot holes.

Video (Mirror):

Finally, we have a full demonstration where three NEXTAGE robots work in tandem to get a job done.  The NEXTAGE robot on the left is selecting parts.  Using image recognition and the cameras in its hands, the robot detects if a part is defective.  Defective parts are put in a bin, while regular parts are passed to the middle robot in pairs.

The middle NEXTAGE holds the two parts in its left hand, and a regular electric drill in its right.  It loads a screw and drills it into the two parts, repeating the process until complete.  It then passes the part to the NEXTAGE on the right.

The NEXTAGE on the right visually inspects that the part has been assembled correctly, making sure the part looks the way it should with the correct number of screws and weight, and then places it in a specific order on the tray according to predetermined plans.

Video (Mirror):

[source: KTI Kawada Group @ YouTube]

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