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Kawada’s Midori-chan Makes The World Greener

In this 12 minute English informational video, a delightfully-British HRP-2 Promet robot explains Kawada’s Midori-chan greenification project.  The 3R+1 philosophy constitutes Reduce, Reuse, Recycle + Respect.  Midori-chan uses 90% less water than other systems by collecting and retaining rain water.  I applaud Kawada for its efforts in this area, which is why I’m sharing this with you.  Can you imagine what a difference it would make if all the buildings in a metropolis like Tokyo had green roofs?  Perhaps Midori-chan can help make such a dream possible.

part 1 (mirror):

part 2 (mirror):

part 3 (mirror):

[source: KTI Kawada Group @ YouTube] & [Midori-chan site (EN)]

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