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• Vstone Tichno

TICHNO-headersmThe Vstone Tichno, first unveiled May 26th 2008, is a Character Robot Platform developed as an advertising tool. Vstone has developed a variety of robots, from DIY kits to Team Osaka’s VisiON robots, the RoboCup champions. Tichno was created as a practical robot that can be rented and displayed in storefronts to attract business.

Tichno’s ABS plastic silhouette is androgynous, so that it could be seen as a boy or girl. Its head and body can be customized to suit the needs of the company renting it. It stands 130cm tall and weighs 26kg, with a total of 22 DOF, including servos in the knees which have 330kg/cm torque for stable standing and walking.

The robot’s built-in speakers allow it to sing mp3s or shout pre-recorded messages, and it can walk and dance. Interestingly, the inner mechanism for controlling the robot’s joints, the control board VS-RC003HV, is identical to that of Vstone’s hobby robot kits, the Robovie-X and RB-2000. For comparison, the Robovie-X stands only 34cm.

With Toyota and Honda regularly trumpeting their engineering prowess with humanoid robots, the demand for walking, talking adverts in Japan is likely high. There’s no word on pricing, but the Vstone Tichno no doubt provides a cheap substitute for less techno-savvy companies.



Image credits:
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