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A new hobby humanoid robot called JUNIMOTION is due to go on sale early next quarter by South Korean manufacturer Robotro.  The kit has a unique dual-servo attachment structure, simple wiring with fewer cables, and durable frame brackets.  The JUNICON controller board can connect to 255 serial servos and has 32 PWM slots, communicates through RS-232 and USB, and has connections for LEDs, audio, and sensors.

The robot stands 39cm tall, weighs 2.8kg, has a 3-axis gyro sensor, can be controlled via Bluetooth, and has an operating time of 20~30 minutes.  It has a total of 23 DOF and an odd ring-like head which makes it easy to pick up and move around. The price is still a secret, but given the cost of the servos it will likely be in the $4000 USD range.

The JUNISERVO JS-R7 is the company’s proprietary actuator with serial connections or standard PWM with the following specs:

  • torque: 30 kg/cm
  • speed: 0.16 degrees/sec
  • operating voltage: 4.0~8.4V
  • weight: 60g
  • dimensions: 20.7 x 41.4 x 41.4 (mm)
  • price: 187,000 KRW ($162 USD)

Don’t miss the impressive demonstration video after the break.

[source: Robotro (KR)] via [Asian Economic News (KR)]



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