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D+ropop Ready to Strike a Pose

Eager Co. Ltd. & Aki Co. Ltd. are ready to launch their cardboard mannequin robot system, D+ropop, which they are calling the world’s most eco-friendly robot.  The name derives from D type cardboard, robot (ro), and pop (point of purchase).  With 8 servo motors in the neck, shoulders, and elbows, D+ropop displays clothing with a series of eye-catching movements that put standard mannequins to shame.

Besides using recycled materials, the system has a number of benefits which include: lower cost compared to other robotic mannequins (such as those offered by Flower Robotics); light weight (4kg); printable surfaces allow company logos to be displayed; customizable motion routines; and a variety of configurations are possible such as the “centaur” body.

Price: 470,000 JPY ($5200 USD; approx. 10x cheaper than Palette)


  • 3 days: 97,000 JPY  ($1000 USD)
  • 7 days: 156,000 JPY ($1700 USD)
  • 10 days: 205,000 JPY ($2300 USD)
  • 1 month: 285,000 JPY ($3200 USD)

[source: D+ropop site (JP)] via [NODE (JP)]


Video (Mirror):


Image credit:
Eager Co. Ltd. | Impress Robot Watch

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