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PROTO-2 is a humanoid bipedal robot being developed by ARS Lab in the USA.  Currently it receives its instructions from a remote PC, but eventually it will be fully self-contained.  It has an expressive face with moving eyebrows, eyes, and a mouth that can open and close for human-robot interaction studies. It’s body is covered in a polyester fiber suit which conceals the internal mechanisms from view.

It stands 81.3cm (2’4″) tall, weighs 7.72kg (17 lbs), is equipped with a single camera in its “hat”, as well as directional microphones and speaker.  Eventually speech recognition and synthesis, combined with facial expressions, will be used for natural language communication.  It has a total of 38 DOF (2 legs x8 [including toe joints], 2 arms x6, torso x3, neck x2, face x5).  ARS Lab is working with Georgia Tech’s internship program which will be offering credit for students who work on the robot.

More photos follow after the break.

[source: ARS Lab]


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