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• FlatThru

FLATTHRU-headersmSanyo’s engineers are exhausted from all the hard work of making your microwaves, your DVD players, and yes – your humble clock radios. They’ve taken a seat in one of their comfy massage chairs and are having a cold one. And the Sanyo FlatThru is the robot built to deliver it (and snacks) directly to them.

The FlatThru is 94.7cm tall and weighs 33kg.  It runs on a pair of wheels that don’t look all that stable, but thanks to 3 gyro sensors, it manages to roll around without a spill. As you might expect it avoids obstacles (fairly important for this type of robot), and when it comes to rest it can lower an additional set of wheels to take the load off.  Its head has stereoscopic cameras for image recognition, and can be controlled remotely or with voice commands.

The only problem is the FlatThru has no arms, and even if it did, it’s not intelligent enough to open the fridge and locate a beer for you all by itself. In other words, you’d have to load the FlatThru with beverages beforehand, which (when you stop to think about it) kind of destroys the whole purpose of this robotic butler. Hindsight is 20/20, they say. Unless you ARE a butler, in which case the FlatThru might save you some work.



Image credit:
Impress Robot Watch

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