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Robonaut2 doesn’t use Shadow Robot’s technology

Our friends at GetRobo point out that NASA’s original Robonaut was given a hand by London’s Shadow Robot Company. But according to Rich Walker, the Technical Director at Shadow Robot, NASA’s Robonaut2  does not utilize their hands.

Shadow Robot lists a number of institutions that have made use of their robotic hands, including a link to NASA’s Robonaut homepage (for their work on the original Robonaut).   They have also worked with such fine institutions as Carnegie Mellon, Cambridge University, and Tokyo University.

The new hand (seen in the foreground of the photo) is motorized giving it a smaller volume compared to the earlier air muscle version (background), and sports 24 individual degrees of freedom.

[source: Shadow Robot Company] via [GetRobo (JP)]

  • Hi! Thank you for checking out GetRobo. I too have corrected my article. Neither Robonaut nor Robonaut2 seem to be using the Shadow hand. The initial article pointed out there is a photo of a Shadow hand on the Robotics Caucus website and that when you click the link, it leads to the Robonaut site. So I thought that the Robonaut hand may be Shadow’s. But when I confirmed with Shadow, they said it was not and that the Robonaut team seems to use it as a tool for dexterity and manipulation experiments. Thanks for letting me clear that out!

  • Robotbling

    @ Rich Walker

    Ah, ok. Thank you for that.

  • Just to clear up any misconceptions, NASA do have some of our hardware, but it was bought much earlier in the Robonaut project. We’re as interested as anyone in what they’ve done in Robonaut2…

    Cheers, Rich.