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Hardworking Hobbyist’s Robotic Hands

Chinese hobbyist BloodKeith has built himself a pair of magnificent miniature robotic hands for the next in his line of TK humanoid robots, which he may also be selling at some point in the future.  The hands appear very similar to those developed by Crafthouse, which use a single servo to push and pull plastic strips to actuate all five fingers simultaneously.  Each link in the fingers is about 2cm long, with a 1cm knuckle – making the fingers 7cm (thumbs 5cm) long. Hit the source link for an assortment of videos showcasing the hands’ speed and ability to grasp cylindrical objects.  Earlier we saw his current robot, TK02, appear at a Chinese IT Festival.

Video (Mirror):

[source: BloodKeith’s blog (CN)] via [AVKeith @ YouTube]

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