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Minirobot’s Metal Fighter Gets Gaming Gig

First there was MechaTraX’s Robo Catcher; a gachapon game where you take control of a bipedal robot to pick up, carry, and toss prizes into an awaiting dispenser.  The Japanese version of the classic UFO catcher now has some competition from South Korea’s Minirobot – the makers of the Robonova (Robozak) hobby kits.  Their new hobby kit, Metal Fighter, is taking up residence inside a similar cabinet where it can be used by coordinated players to collect prizes.  The game will go on sale next month, and Minirobot expects it will be a popular attraction at theme parks, movie theaters, and arcades.  Watch Robo Catcher being played in the following video:


[source: Kyeongin (KR)] & [Robo Catcher (official site JP)]

  • I have a great fun of looking at robot wars or robot football. Robot sport is the future for promoting that great idea,

  • The ROBOCATCHER is developed and sold by MechaTraX, not Robot Labs. So, this Minirobot’s Metal Fighter is only copy of our machine.
    The web site of MechaTraX is “”and the ROBOCATHCER’s is “”.

    From CEO of MTX, Soichi Nagasato