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A Key Difference Between American & Japanese Robots

You’ve probably seen it by now, what with Jeffrey the Robot’s explosive popularity, but in case you missed it here’s a Super Bowl commercial that highlights a key difference in Eastern/Western thinking.  In America, big corporations like Intel spend millions of dollars on 30 second Super Bowl ads featuring computer-generated robots. In Japan, big corporations spend millions of dollars actually building them.


Which country has the right idea I’ll leave up to you, but personally I think it would be so much cooler if they had allocated the same budget towards a real one instead.  Especially since they have their own in-house software engineer who has built himself a robot that comes pretty darn close (see David Shinsel’s Loki).  Check out Jeffrey’s Facebook profile for some fun vacation “photos”.

[source: Intel @ YouTube] & [Jeffrey @ Facebook] via [GetRobo (JP)] & [Botjunkie]