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iRobiQ-headersmIn early 2008, Yujin Robot debuted an improved version of their “ubiquitous home robot” iRobi, called the iRobiQ. Besides the changes to its appearance, which makes it look more like NEC’s PaPeRo, the iRobiQ has a number of significant enhancements, such as California-based Evolution Robotics’ ViPR vision technology.

ViPR allows iRobiQ to see and interact with people and its environment more intelligently. For example, ViPR enables iRobiQ to recognize the page of a story book, even if the child is holding the book upside down and only part of it is in view of the robot’s camera. The robot can read the book to your child if the book has already been registered on the internet server, which it connects to wirelessly.

ViPR also works regardless of the lighting condition. To take advantage of these new capabilities Yujin Robot has developed an entirely new user interface and set of educational applications for iRobiQ, stored on the 40GB internal drive. While a Chinese version is in development, the company has high hopes that it will also eventually be released in Europe and North America as well.



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Aving News Network

  • Robotbling

    @ Irene

    I believe it is in the range of $3000~$6000 USD. However, I do not know if Yujin Robot has an international distributor. It may only be available in Korea. You can try to contact them through the websites listed here.

  • Irene

    May I ask the sell price about this iRobiQ? Could you reply me his standards and quotation, thanks!

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