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LG’s Robot Mascot Gets Its Name, Gold at Winter Olympics!

Whether it’s robot toilets, Intel’s Super Bowl ad starring Jeffrey, or Gunze’s bipedal underpants testers, computer-generated robots in commercials are all the rage these days. LG Electronics is no exception; their latest home air conditioner has a robot mascot of its own. Earlier this month a competition to name the robot concluded, and the official name is… Feeney (휘니)!  And if you think that’s cute, just wait until you see him ski jumping at the 2010 Winter Olympics (videos after the break).  I’m guessing the refreshing breeze he feels at the top of his jump is meant to represent the air conditioner’s relaxing qualities.

[source: Whisen official site (KR)]


Feeney Ski jumping at 2010 Winter Olympics:

Feeney Gets Swarovski Crystal design: