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Toilet Robot Saves Water, Earth In The Process

Apparently there’s a toilet maker called TOTO in Japan, and its latest brand of water-saving “Greenmax” toilets (4.8 liters a flush compared to the usual 13 liters) is being marketed with a robot action figure.  TOTOROBO’s signature catchphrase, “Protect the Earth, GMAX!  Ready – Switch, on!” is probably a reminder to kids about using the low-flush switch on the tank.  I’ve seen my fair share of robot-themed marketing campaigns, but this actually makes sense given the sophistication of Japanese toilets.  I’m all for the green movement and conserving resources, so I wish this little guy the best, though it could spawn a new version of the old “running refrigerator” prank calls.

Besides, he sorta reminds me of Honda’s P2 – no pun intended.

[source: TOTO Greenmax (JP)] via [Gracious Workday with Robot.M (JP)]