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Mani Zamani’s 3D Printed Articulated Robot Sculptures

Mani Zamani is an Algerian artist and Design Academy Graduate with a passion for building robot sculptures.  What makes his work especially interesting is that he works primarily with polygons rather than traditional media; work which must be printed using rapid prototyping for it to enter the real world.  His latest work “RetroroBo” was printed in stainless steel by Shapeways, where he gets most of his stuff printed.  He then combines the printed parts with Revoltech plastic joints which allow them to hold a variety of poses.  You may even be able to buy and assemble his robots through his Shapeways store in the future.

Video (Mirror):

Check out his YouTube channel for more 360 degree videos of his work.

[source: Mani Zamani’s blog] via [Shapeways]