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• Tichno R

Team Osaka developed Tichno R for RoboCup 2008’s Teen Size league.  As its name suggests, it’s the sporty counterpart to the Vstone Tichno (a character/publicity robot), though due to RoboCup regulations it is all black.  The robot stands 120cm (4′) tall, weighs 20kg (44 lbs) and has 22 degrees of freedom (neck x3, body x1, 2 arms x3, 2 legs x6).  It uses Vstone’s proprietary servo motors.  A video follows after the break.

Team Osaka is made up of various organizations including companies and universities: Osaka City, Vstone Co. Ltd., Osaka University Intelligent Robotics Lab, Systec Akazawa, ROBO-GARAGE, and ATR Intelligent Robotics and Communications Lab.



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