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Micro Robot Electric Vehicle RoboCar G

ZMP recently took the wraps off of their single passenger vehicle called the RoboCar G, developed for research institutions tackling electric vehicles.  ZMP will also be introducing sensors and robotic systems for the vehicle, presumably compatible with their RoboCar Z.  In order to develop a framework for low emission vehicles that more accurately fit the needs of everyday use, ZMP worked with 6 engineers from Fuji Heavy Industries (Subaru) and 1 electrical engineer from Sanyo.  They settled on a single passenger Micro EV due to existing road regulations and EV batteries (placing it in the same category as mopeds), which would allow the vehicle to take to the streets immediately at up to 60km/h.  The car measures 2.5m (8’2″) in length, 1.3m (4’3″) in width, and is 1.37m (4’4″) tall and has a range of 30~60km depending on if it is equipped with 1 or 2 batteries.  The vehicle boasts 30x lower fuel costs of 0.4 JPY/km (compared to 12 JPY/km for gasoline).  A couple of (grainy) videos follow after the break.

[source: ZMP RoboCar G press release (JP)] via [ZMP @ YouTube]


Video (taking to the streets):

Video (out in the park) (Mirror):


Image credit:

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