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• Doki

DOKI-headerIntelligent Earth is a Scottish company that has developed a number of products which require a camera hooked up with their unique computer vision software. The software can detect small head movements to control a virtual character, or track a pen in real-time to recreate the motion on a computer.

They’ve developed a robot that also makes use of this computer vision software called Doki. Doki isn’t your typical robot, lacking everything you might expect from the neck down. It’s just a set of cameras in a shell. Nevertheless, Doki serves as a PR tool for the company, putting in appearances at various events. Doki’s primarily used to test Intelligent Earth’s software, specifically facial recognition. It can determine a person’s gender, estimate their age, ethnicity, and (rather rudely) tell you if it thinks you are overweight.

Doki holds the Guiness Book of World Records as the Most Gender Aware Robot, but before his creation there was another robot which is now referred to as Doki’s Dad who might hold the record for ugliest robot. It was literally built overnight because the company had promised to demonstrate a robot to the press but left its actual construction until the last minute! Talk about professionalism.

・Intelligent Earth (official site EN)


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Intelligent Earth

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