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Rihanna Gets Down & Dirty with a Pair of Robots

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Rihanna performed her song “Rude Boy” with a pair of robots at the 2010 ECHO Awards show in Berlin, but judging by the lyrics perhaps a better title would be “Horny Girl”.  Anywho, the award is given by a group of German record companies to the best-selling artists from the previous year.  Rihanna didn’t win an award herself, and the “robots” in question are actually animatronic suits, but hey – it’s not often you see a woman grinding on (and getting her ass tickled by) a pair of giant robots.  The Titan robot suits are made by the UK-based company Robot X, which regularly appear at international events such as trade shows.

Video (Mirror):

[source: Def Pen Radio] & [Robot X]

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