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Up Close and Personal with Kojiro

IEEE Spectrum’s Eric Guizzo got a chance to meet Kojiro, one of two advanced musculoskeletal humanoid robots developed by JSK Lab at the University of Tokyo.  Like its sibling Kotaru, Kojiro was built to simulate the human body’s complex muscle and bone structure.  In the following video Yuto Nakanishi, one of Kojiro’s primary designers, shows off the robot’s flexible spine with a PS2 game controller, and we can see its complex joint structure displayed on two monitors (one for the upper body and lower body).  Hit the source link for a more in-depth article.

Video (Mirror):

Speaking of which, Willow Garage recently posted a video showing some of the work done with the PR2 by a group of researchers from the University of Tokyo’s JSK Lab.  Check it out here.

[source: IEEE Spectrum] & [JSK Lab (JP)]

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