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• Robot X

ROBOTX-headersmWith a name like Robot X, you might expect SECOM’s security robot to look more menacing than a toddler’s amusement park bumpercar. Then again, imagine this 120kg bot charging towards your delicate shins at 10km/hour, and it’s not so silly looking after all. It comes in stylish red and blue with a dual-stick joy pad for manual control.

Standard security cameras can have blind spots that the mobile Robot X can cover on its 6 wheels. It automatically secures a predefined route, but in the case of emergencies a human operator can take over. It saves lazy on-duty security guards the effort of walking a beat, recording what it sees and hears with onboard cameras and microphones, including a handy 360 degree (omni-directional) camera (that thing on top).

When it comes across trespassers it can easily scare them off the property with its blinding fog lights and audible warnings but when all else fails, a surprising blast of smoke might do the trick. All of this extra security doesn’t come cheap – it’ll cost around $2800 to rent a Robot X per month, and it won’t be replacing human guards any time soon what with unreliable performance in torrential rain or icy roads.

Still, if I was a security guard I’d be begging management to get the crew one of these just for the fun of scaring drunken disorderlies out of their wits after dark. Don’t miss the video below; you could make a game out of it! …at least until Robot X2 hits the market, in which case you might be out of a job.



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