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Honda Reveals Undocumented ASIMO Prototype (P4)

Honda P4 prototype

After Honda blew the lid off of its humanoid robot project back in the late ’90s, it eventually revealed almost a dozen prototypes – except this one.  The P4 (above: fourth from left) is the middle ground between the P3 and the first model of ASIMO, and its overall size and design reflects that.  It’s being shown for the first time beginning March 20th 2010 at the Twin Ring Motegi Honda Collection Hall, along with the other prototypes.  I’m guessing Honda didn’t bother showing it to the public back when it was new (circa 1999) because the P3 was still being publicly demonstrated, and ASIMO’s unveiling in 2000 would make it irrelevant.  That said, it’s definitely cool to see another robot in ASIMO’s lineage, as it gives us further insight into Honda’s development process.

[source: Honda ASIMO site (JP)] via [Node (JP)]

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