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• BabyBot & BabyBot-R

KIST’s Biomimetic Robotics Lab developed BabyBot in 2002, a humanoid robot built to mimic a 1-year old child.  It had limited speech recognition, and image processing capabilities based on a unique vision system that had a higher resolution in the center of the image and a lower resolution for the outer edges.  The system was designed to mimic the way our eyes work by focusing on what is being directly looked at.  The researchers hypothesized that a such a system could reduce the image data processing speed to a 10th of its normal rate.  The robot was able to walk and could perform a dance.

The original BabyBot is 75cm (30″) tall, weighs 15kg (33 lbs), and has 24 degrees of freedom (2 legs x6, 2 arms x5, neck x2).  In 2003, they created a refined version of the robot called BabyBot-R which weighs less than 10kg (22 lbs) including its battery.  A few videos and photos follow after the break.

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