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• Presenter Type 2


Using robots for marketing purposes isn’t a new trend, with some companies even renting custom contraptions by the hour for parties and trade shows with the sole purpose of bringing in the sheep. Even if the robot in question is just a guy in a suit, they can be real head-turners.

Tamanoi Vinegar is a Japanese brand of condiments that commissioned BuildUp to create an animatronic robot called Presenter Type 2. While not a true robot per se, it does look and act the part. It can wave its arms about and speak, while LEDs in its face light up convincingly. These kinds of animatronics are used exclusively for promotional purposes, so they don’t need to be as sophisticated as the real McCoy.

BuildUp is a Japanese design firm with departments relating to just about every type of media out there, they’ve had an extensive history in visual effects such as cg animation, live action props, costumes, and animatronics.  They have also worked on video game cinematic animations for Panzer Dragoon Orta, Virtual On, and Soul Calibur 2. They’ve also collaborated with Namco to create game data such as 3d models and collisions for Tales of Symphonia.




Image credits:
Impress Robot Watch | BuildUp

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