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• Gemini

Hiroshi Kasai, a designer at Tsukuba University, created this pair of conceptual robots called Gemini.  The idea is that rather than reading about a museum exhibit or work of art at a gallery, you would come across the two robots having a conversation about it.  Only by eavesdropping on what they are saying can you obtain all the information about the work.  By listening to what the robots say, by the act of eavesdropping itself, the viewer is active in trying to learn about a given exhibit, and thus the viewing experience becomes richer.

Of course, the robots themselves aren’t functional – they are just models – but I thought the idea was intriguing.  And the designs are lovely, aren’t they (they remind me a bit of Flower Robotics’ Posy)?  Gemini appeared at an art installation called Kansei x Tsukuba x Design in February 2009.

[source: Kansei x Tsukuba x Design (JP)]