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• WonderBorg

WBORG-headersmBandai’s WonderBorg is a bug-like hexapod that you control with your WonderSwan. The WonderSwan was a Japan-only portable that lost the handheld war against the Gameboy Advance after briefly securing a sizable user-base during the late Gameboy Color years thanks to Square-Enix’s ports of Final Fantasy 1 and 2. The Wonderswan system was designed in part by the late Gunpei Yokoi, who had left Nintendo after the VirtualBoy fiasco.

The WonderBorg, which is an offshoot of Kyohritsu’s Wonder Kit line of hobby robot kits, has moving limbs which can be swapped out for cup-like wheels. You use the WonderSwan’s buttons to guide its movement. Bandai also made a version for the PC. When its antennae contact an obstacle, the WonderBorg will automatically back up and try to move in a different direction. The PC Version can hone in on a transmitter or another WonderBorg for an impromptu wrestling match.

Originally released in 1999, and what with the death of the Wonderswan, Bandai has since discontinued the original WonderBorg, but the PC version came out in 2005 so it may still be available through some online shops.

・Bandai Robot Laboratory (official site JP)



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