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CIROMI, The World’s First Movie Theater Robot

Think movie theaters only show movies?  Not in South Korea!  ED Corporation’s standard service robot ARO has been given another makeover, this time being called CIROMI.  The name is a mix of Cinema, Robot, and Dreams, because the robot is helping to make people’s dreams of the future come true at the cinema (whatever that means).  The management of the cinema had a strong interest in robotics and made a deal with ED Corporation to unveil the robot alongside the newly renovated theater.  They’re calling CIROMI the world’s first movie theater robot.

Unfortunately customers can’t use the robot to buy their tickets (a feature still in the works), but CIROMI provides entertainment while they wait in line and also shows advertisements on its built-in LCD screen.  It stands still and detects when people walk by using a laser range finder, then approaches them offering a friendly greeting.  Curious kids who have never seen a robot up close before can safely interact with it.  The interactive screen allows people to play a number of games, send a quick email, or take photos.  Soon the robot’s speech recognition and synthesis will allow CIROMI to recommend movies to people and make simple conversation.  ED Corporation’s entertainment robots are being positioned in a variety of areas including train stations and restaurants.

[source: ebuzz (KR)]