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Hizook has the inside scoop on Georgia Tech Healthcare Robotics Lab’s latest robot in development, a humanoid named Cody that can open doors, drawers, and cabinets.  It can be controlled using a PlayStation-style game controller or simply guided by physical interaction thanks to the force-torque sensors in the robot’s wrists.  This means that people unfamiliar with video game interfaces can move the whole robot, its arms, or adjust the height of its torso by hand.

Equipped with stereo cameras for vision and a laser range finder, the robot’s upper body uses Meka Robotics’ 7 DOF arms (also used by Georgia Tech’s Simon) which is mounted to a 1 DOF linear actuator to dynamically change height.  It all sits on top of a Segway RMP 50 Omni mobile base, which moves on Mecanum wheels.  Currently Cody is equipped with simple hooks for manipulators, but with Meka Robotics developing a more human-like hand with 3 fingers and a thumb, it’s possible that Cody will be fetching things (even stuff stored away) for bedridden patients at some point in the future.  The research team is making most of their code open source, and its compatible with ROS.

Video (Mirror):

A couple more videos and some photos follow after the break, but for more in-depth coverage (and papers) head over to the source links.  And because we’re always harping about aesthetics here at Plastic Pals, take a look at our quick conceptual sketch of Cody with all the finishings.

[source: Georgia Tech Healthcare Robotics Lab] via [Hizook]


Lead me by the hand (Mirror):

Opening stuff (Mirror):


Image credit:
Georgia Tech Healthcare Robotics Lab