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Bennett Robot Works’ Found Object Robot Sculptures

Another artist making a name for himself in the “robot sculptures made of found objects” category is New York-based Gordon Bennett.  His sculptures, which take about a month to build, are inspired by the “modern age” envisioned by Norman Bel Geddes and Raymond Loewy in their industrial designs from the ’40s and ’50s.  They’re made of  recycled wood, bakelite, plastic, glass, rubber, and of course metal that he scavenges from basements, construction sites, and garage sales.  The sculptures usually stand between 14″~37″ tall and range in price from $900~$6000, though for us less well to do robot enthusiasts he sells cute posters for $50 a pop.  Some of his work can be seen in person in the windows of City Foundry Antiques and Fine Objects in New York, but there’s also his website chock full of  the comical characters from his surprisingly large portfolio.

Thanks Cathleen!

[source: Bennett Robot Works]

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