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Bots High Documentary Needs Your Help

Joey Daoud is a budding independent film maker looking to capture the inside story on Battlebots, a highschool combat robots competition.  He’s been following multiple teams since August 2009, but in order to complete his feature length documentary film he needs a bit of help.  In 30 days he hopes to have raised $9,000 USD in order to fly to San Francisco to film the main event and interview the teams in those precious moments of victory and defeat.  So far he’s raised about 8% of the total, but he’ll need more than that if he’s going to cover the expense of multiple cameras and crew.  Besides the personal gratification of helping out a cool robot-related film project, some donations will be rewarded with dvds, t-shirts, and posters.  Head on over to the source links to learn more about the project, watch a teaser trailer, and maybe spare him a few bucks.

[source: Bots High] & [Bots High Teaser + Donation page]