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Tsutenkaku Robo Appears at Nippombashi Street Festival

Last week we got out first look at it, but now there’s a video of Robot Force’s Tsutenkaku Robo making its debut at the Nippombashi Street Festival.  Looks like a fun party!  A couple of (small) photos of the tower robot extravaganza can be seen over at Robot Force’s site.

Video (Mirror):

Looks like there’s another one up on Nico Nico Video.

[source: Robot Force (JP)]


Image credit:

  • Robotbling

    :) You can’t go wrong with Douglas Adams!

  • Suffix

    Kind of disturbing to see the Tsutenkaku given legs and arms. By the way, I was listening to the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy Radio show the other day, and I finally realized where this blog’s name and tagline come from!