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ATR (Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute) Intelligent Robotics & Communications Lab has unveiled a new, smaller version of their communication robot Robovie R2 primarily developed by Reo Matsumura.  The robovie-mR2, which was slightly tweaked to be cuter than its larger siblings, is small enough to fit comfortably on a desk for those times when the big one isn’t available.  It stands only 30cm (about 1 foot) tall, weighs 2kg (4.4 lbs), and even has an iPod Touch dock in its chest.  The iPod can be used to send it updates or for direct control (or via wireless game pad) and comes equipped with a super-compact CCD camera, 2 microphones, and a speaker for its communication purposes.

The diminutive robot has 18 degrees of freedom including moving eyeballs (2 eyes x3; head x 3; 2 arms x4; waist x1), powered by 12 JR Propo DS-326 servo motors, 4 Vstone VS-281J servos, and 2 Futaba S3102 servos.  I’m guessing the robot’s speech and image processing functions are handled by a separate computer.  Development began last year, and ATR is currently deciding if they should market it (price and availability TBA – follow their updates on twitter).  Don’t miss the  alternate colors in the many awww-inspiring photos after the break.

[robovie-mR2 site (JP)] via [NODE (JP)]


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Image credits:
Reo Matsumura | robovie-mR2 @ Tumblr