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New details emerge about Honda’s P4

Just to make it clear, this is NOT a new version of ASIMO

The P4 stands for “Prototype 4” and it was built leading up to the original model of ASIMO in 2000.  However, information about the P4 was not available until now because Honda had kept it’s existence secret – likely because the P3 was still being publicly demonstrated up until 1999 and ASIMO would debut in 2000 – which would make the P4 obsolete.

However, we’re still glad that media of Honda’s previously undocumented ASIMO prototype originally built sometime between 1997 and 1999 continues to trickle out from the Motegi Twin Ring Exhibition Hall, and we have some new details about its specs.

The P4 is said to be roughly the same height as the P3 at 160cm (5’3″), but the weight went from 130kg (306 lbs) down to 80kg (176 lbs).  Along with this weight reduction, the P4’s overall body looks considerably slimmer and features blue covers on its upper torso and feet, which was also seen on some models of the P3 and ASIMO.  The P4 has 34 degrees of freedom, 4 more than the P3 (two more per hand).  However it was more adept at walking thanks to its flexible waist, allowing it to perform dance moves (unfortunately no video – yet).  The first version of ASIMO is 120cm (4′) and 52kg (114 lbs), and had only 26 degrees of freedom – but New ASIMO (version 2) bumped the total back up to 34.

Even if Honda doesn’t give us a newly redesigned robot for ASIMO’s 1oth anniversary (this October), at least we got to see this bit of ASIMO’s development.

A few more photos follow after the break.

[source: Yahoo! News Japan (JP)]



Image credits: via Gizmodo