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ASIMO visits Canada!

Just a little too late to ride the wave of patriotism seen at the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics, but not too late to shove it in Toyota’s face, Honda has released a new commercial of ASIMO visiting us hosers in Canada.  Since Plastic Pals is a Canadian site, you bet we were pleased as punch to see the world’s most advanced humanoid robot enjoying the great outdoors and being polite and such, eh?  Of course the spot features the mandatory shots of kids playing hockey.  A friend of mine from Japan once thought that Canadians used maple syrup as a universal condiment,  and explained that this was a common conception of Canadians in Japan, so I guess maple syrup had to be in there somewhere too.  Overall I guess they did a decent job of including the cliches without it being too much.

Video (Mirror):

[source:] via [Botjunkie]

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