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Kobayashi Lab’s SCHEMA, TRON-style

Waseda University’s Kobayashi Lab, who previously developed the communication robots ROBITA and ROBISUKE, are now working on a new robot called SCHEMA (Multiparty Oriented Communication Robot).  Briefly unveiled at SIGGRAPH ASIA 2009, few details and little media about the project is available.  That said, Kobayashi Lab has recently updated their website with a very cool new teaser featuring SCHEMA’s 3D model in a Tron-like glowing wire frame, which provides an overview of some of the bot’s specifications (119cm [3’11”] tall, 8 DOF in its head, 6 DOF arms), as well as some high quality footage of the robot in action.  It’s pretty amazing how much emotion they can squeeze out of this robot’s simple facial expressions!

Kobayashi Lab’s focus is perceptual computing (human perception, speech processing, image processing, pattern recognition, and human-robot interaction).  Their previous robots have been used to study and improve natural spoken language communication in robots, particularly in group settings.  SCHEMA is the first robot from the lab to feature such a finished exoskeleton, and since media is so sparse we’ve taken screen captures from the video and included them in a gallery after the break.

[source: Kobayashi Lab (JP)]


Video (Mirror):


Image credit:
Waseda University Kobayashi Lab