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• Silf H1

SILFH1-headerKatsuhisa Ito is a hobbyist who has been creating small robots since 1992. Roughly 10 years later, he got around to building his dream project – his own humanoid – whenever he had the time and money to work on it.

Silf-H1 (the first version) was completed over the course of a year starting in 1998, with Ito working on it in his dining room at home. It stood 22.5cm tall and weighed 430g with its battery. He gave up adding arms (for lack of funds), so it had 14 DOF (2 legs x6, head x2). The head is a CMOS camera.

H1_mouseOne year after beginning development, the Silf-H1 was completed (November 10th, 1999) and soon it was walking (November 17th). Three days later it qualified for the expert league at the 20th All-Japan micro-mouse tournament, and the following day won the humanoid leg of the competition. In June, 2000 it won the Robotics Society Award at RoboCup Japan.

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