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GAIKING / Shogun Warriors Movie Teaser Hits Web

I love me some mecha, but frankly Japan is so over-flowing with them that it’s hard to keep track of them all.  GAIKING, which was once translated as Shogun Warriors in the USA, is the next Japanese anime getting the Hollywood treatment, and it’s getting its hype on with a new teaser showcasing some pretty impressive CG effects.  The visual effects studio behind the project invented the Academy award-winning LightStage software, which was used to create the lifelike lighting on the CG Brad Pitt in Benjamin Button and the characters of Avatar.  Supposedly they are going to be building the robot suits at 1:1 scale.  This preposterous claim is probably BS hype talk, but if they really do it that will be insane.   The one you see in the following teaser is CG, to give us an idea of the direction they’re heading:


Not exactly the live action Gundam or Macross fans have been clamoring for, but a mighty step in the right direction.

[source: Ain’t It Cool News] via [NODE (JP)]