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Dr. Jun Ho Oh Dishes on HUBO 2

IEEE Spectrum’s Erico Guizzo visited KAIST’s HUBO Lab and has written a nice article that goes into some of the specifics (see source link).  Don’t miss the video where Dr. Oh gives an overview of HUBO 2’s unique capabilities (straight-legged walking) and innards (including 2 CPUs with solid state hard drives).  While Dr. Oh personally designed the robot, HUBO 2’s exoskeleton was designed by Roy Gross, a Mechanical Engineering student, whose work we profiled here.

Video (Mirror):

One aspect of humanoid robots that I feel is often overlooked is soft, tactile skin, a new and logistically challenging addition to robot senses.  Hopefully future versions of HUBO, ASIMO, and others will begin to take into account the importance of full-body skin sensors, as seen in robots such as Macra, CB², and M3-neony.

[source: IEEE Spectrum]

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