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• Silf H2


Katsuhisa Ito apparently wasn’t satisfied with his award-winning Silf H1 bipedal robot, so he began working on a newer model. The Silf-H2 is 25.2cm (10 inches) tall, weighs 730g (1.5 lbs), and has 21 DOFs (DC motors). Originally designed to compete in micro-mouse style maze competitions, the H2 has a CCD camera for a head that was ingeniously re-purposed from a mobile phone, which allows it to navigate simple environments.

An undeniable part of the Silf-H2’s charm (besides its agility) is its professional, custom-machined body parts, which put it a cut above the majority of custom-built hobby robots. Ito-san even engineered the camera’s microchip himself, so that it would fit inside the slender head case (which is a modified USB cable dongle).

The Silf-H2 was featured on the cover of Industrial Automation (September 2004 issue) accompanied by two of the most prominent robots; QRIO and Asimo, and won various awards at RoboCup tournaments for its fast walking and jumping capabilities. Katsuhisa Ito has also contributed an article that was included in Handy Book Mechatronics, published in November 2005.



Image credit:
Katsuhisa Ito

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