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• Robovie R3

ATR and VStone have teamed up once again to create the Robovie R3, a life-sized humanoid robot platform used to research services for the elderly and disabled.  Previously ATR has done experiments with robots in shopping malls, and with the robot’s 2.5 kmph speed and ability to overcome small changes in floor height, the Robovie R3 should be able to perform in a variety of settings.

Besides featuring a completely redesigned and friendly appearance, it is also equipped with the usual extras including 11 touch sensors throughout its body; 2 USB cameras for eyes; 2 mono microphones for ears; a speaker for its mouth; and an optional laser range finder.  Furthermore the robot is able to move omnidirectionally and has gripper hands.  A press conference is going to be held on April 20th, but they have revealed that the robot will be available to research institutions for 3,800,000 JPY ($41,000 USD).  The two companies have also teamed up to developed the M3-neony, M3-synchy, and robovie-mR2,  all of which provide low cost solutions for robotics research.

[source: Robonable (JP)]