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Chararobo Creates Robot Mascot for Cable TV

A new Japanese company called Chararobo (short for Character Robot) has produced a robot for Cable TV, Inc. based on C.C.9’s mascot Kyuchan (kyu being “9” in Japanese).  The robot is 80cm (2’7″) tall including its antennae, weighs 4kg (8.8 lbs), and has a total of six degrees of freedom using Futaba servo motors.  The robot sits on the front desk in Cable TV’s headquarters and uses a pair of infrared sensors to detect when somebody is nearby, whereupon it begins dancing.  The robot’s functions are a bit on the simple side, but Chararobo is a small company which previously showcased robots at hobby tournaments.

As its name suggests, Chararobo’s entire business seems to be the designing, manufacturing, and programming of such “character robots” to be sold or rented to companies.  The prices are quite reasonable, ranging between 800,000 ~ 1,500,000 JPY ($8,600 ~ $16,000 USD) with an average delivery time of 3 months.

Video (Mirror):

In the past we’ve seen companies like Vstone perform similar services, such as it did for Daikin Air Conditioners (Vstone also created a more sophisticated character robot platform called Tichno).  More recently, RT Corporation created a character robot platform called RIC (Robot In Character).  These would need to be heavily customized in order to look like the desired mascot, while Chararobo’s robots are tailor made.

[source: Robonable (JP)]