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K. Moriyama Tours ROBO-GARAGE

Japanese science blogger extraordinaire K. Moriyama recently took a tour of Tomotaka Takahashi’s ROBO-GARAGE.  Tomotaka Takahashi is the creator of many of my favorite robots, including Chroino, FT, ROPID, Evolta, and several others.  As of January 1st 2010, he became an Associate Professor of Tokyo University’s RCAST.  Moriyama-san will have his interview published in an upcoming issue of ROBOCON Magazine (look for the one with ROPID on the cover), but made some interesting observations in the preview he posted on his website (see several photos here):

  • From the entrance and waiting room, ROBO-GARAGE almost looks like a little cafe or dentist’s
  • A customized roomba was parked under the small waiting room sofa
  • Walls are decorated in floral patterns handmade by Takahashi-san himself
  • A small, organized meeting room is next to a cluttered workspace
  • A 13×13 wall of unlabeled containers filled with knick-knacks
  • As Associate Professor, Takahashi-san is not required to teach students (he works alone)

Tokyo University’s RCAST (Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology) has a specially-appointed researcher system, with researchers given tenure through external funding.  “Category 2” researchers belong to certain research projects, while “Category 1” researchers are given the same status as conventional professors funded by the government, and can therefore have their own independent lab and begin new projects on their own.

[source: Node (JP)]

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