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Photo: Chinese Robot Sketch Artist At Work

Children watch a robot reproducing a drawing at the Science and Technology Museum in southwest China’s Chongqing Municipality, April 5, 2010.  The same robot drew portraits at a science fair in 2008 (see photo).  Unfortunately as is often the case with Chinese reports, no mention of the robot’s maker is made (if anyone knows the university responsible for it, let me know in the comments). The robot’s drawing arm appears to operate more like a printer than a human hand, with a servo causing the pen to dab at the paper.  Robots that can draw based on image processing go back at least 25 years, as seen at the Tsukuba Expo of 1985.  In recent years, researchers at the EPFL have implemented a naturalistic drawing style on Fujitsu’s HOAP-3.

[source: Xinhua]