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At Hanover Messe 2010, DFKI Bremen showcased a new humanoid robot called AILA, which is demonstrating how robots might be used interactively in dynamic environments with humans by 2020.  The system uses SemProM (Semantic Product Memory), which it combines with its computer vision when handling objects of varying shapes and sizes.  For example, AILA can adjust how it holds a bottle based on its weight and fragility.  Each product or object stores and communicates its properties, such as its size, where it needs to be transported, which production line it belongs to, and so on through RFID.

Looking a bit like Toyota’s Robina, the feminine AILA is equipped with two laser range finders, stereo vision in its head, a 3D camera for object recognition and orientation, and an RFID reader in its left hand.  It has a total of 22 degrees of freedom (wheels x2, 2 arms x7, torso x4, head x2) and moves on a wheeled base containing 6 wheels.  Thanks to its wheel configuration AILA can turn in any direction and is stable on smooth to moderately rough surfaces.  A few more images follow after the break.


[source: DFKI Bremen AILA press release (DE)]


Image credits:
Reinhard Karger | | DFKI