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PETMAN, BigDog Video Updates

Boston Dynamics has uploaded a couple of new videos to show the progress they’ve made with their PETMAN and BigDog robots.  While the first section is old, wait to see PETMAN’s walking speed is now up to a brisk 4.4mph (6.4 kph).  I’m excited to see how fast this robot will be once they’ve got it running!  Curiously PETMAN hasn’t been given any arms yet, which will no doubt affect the robot’s balance.


Most of the footage in the BigDog video is old, but the video can be viewed in 720p which is probably higher quality than what we’ve seen before.  Wait until the 2m35s mark to see BigDog running at 5mph (8kph), and note that all four legs appear to be in mid-air simultaneously during the running gait – very impressive, to say the least.  The final clip shows a suspiciously quiet BigDog tackling an obstacle course, suggesting they’ve solved the noise issue (edit: as BotJunkie points out, the hydraulics are being run externally with the engine off).

Video (Mirror):

[source: Boston Dynamics @ YouTube]

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